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Why Journaling is the Best Medicine for the Soul

Tranquillity is the new luxury of our society. Deep peace is crucial and such a key determinant of business eminence and personal excellence. We spend so much time on doing and just reacting, we do not take the time to reflect, plan, visualize, dream and invent. All historical artists dreamed about a future few believed would be possible.

All the great leaders of our history have leveraged on the time of isolation. They took the time to sit in the solitude with just a pad of paper and a pen for capturing the insights that would ignite their passion and connect it with their imagination. Actually, developing immense imagination is an incredibly important portal into a celebrated fortune.

Today I want to share with you the marvellous benefits of the journaling habit. So, let's first understand the why. I believe that reflection is the main source of transformation, because once we know better, you can do better.

Before you start journaling take a deep breath and gift yourself with a moment of serenity and silence; by doing so you are entering the stillness. I remember the first time I started with journaling. I was so excited but was wondering what should I write? My mind was suddenly blank. So let me share the tactics that helped me. Think of it as your roadmap of success. This is just a simple expression or a statement of your perfect day or week ahead. Contemplate how you're living and who you want to become. Be thoughtful and intentional about the values you want to be loyal to for the rest of your days. How you wish to behave. Think what needs to happen the next hour, days, weeks, years for this to be the life that you always dreamed of.

Researchers confirm that pre-committed strategies work just great to increase your focus and discipline to help you get things done. This is your clear and aligned script for the hours, days, and weeks that lie ahead, so your life really takes the course that you are aiming for it to take. Please keep in mind that life is not perfect. Life happens when we make plans the same with this script. Still, that does not mean we should not do the best to pursue it. Let's look at the greatest leaders again. They were all perfectionists, they were maximisers, exceptionally obsessed with being extraordinary at all they did. So, take at least ten minutes daily to write down your script of the ideal day.

I was introduced to this habit by my mentor Robin Sharma, and I am sharing with you his best advice on this habit. One of the best things you can do for yourself as a learner is to cultivate the ability to value and enjoy the process of growth. It is going to take a long time, so you might as well enjoy the journey.

Once you understand the real benefit of journaling you will take action on it. Let me share some of them. The precious benefits of journaling:

Magnifies clarity and awareness

Activates deliberate gratitude

Reinforces daily learning

Evidences where you are winning

Processes low energy emotions for release versus repression

Offers a place to work through confusion

Permits for planning and goal setting so implementation improves

Captures your life's best experiences

Allows you to re-experience joyful times

Elevates your creativity which when translated into productivity yields mastery.

The key is to just start writing. Do not think too much. Just start to write down what to expect from the hours and day ahead. Describe your ambitions, set in motion your gratitude by listing what is good in your life right this moment. It is an incredible place to process through the frustrations, disappointments and resentments in your heart so you can let them go, just release. It is marvellous how you can release the toxic emotions and low energy from your system when you write down your suppressed feelings and hurts, freeing up your highest creativity, superb vitality and exceptional performance. I suggest that you write down both the most positive aspects of your life and also those aspects of your life that are causing discomfort and pain. The quickest way out of hurt emotions is to have the wisdom and courage to go straight into them. Feel them to heal them. Name them to let them go.

Difficult feelings that you don't find a healthy way to remove become repressed, which creates stress, poor productivity and disease. Those stuck toxic emotions layer over your gifts, talents and higher wisdom. When we avoid feelings, we lose access to our most powerful selves and forget the truths of life: each of us can accomplish amazing things, and produce impressive works, and realise illuminated health, and know true love, and live a marvellous life, and be helpful to many. Unfortunately, most people have so much fear, pain, anger and sorrow built up over their real selves, they have no sense of the opportunities that sit right in front of us. All that dark energy blinds them from seeing them. And blocks their access to their primal power. The great people of history had this access. Today the majority have lost it.

Once you reclaim the power blocked by layers of toxic emotions and the wounds of the past you will ascend significantly. Your highest self, the source energy steps into power.