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The Energy of Summer

As the summer sun shines, we are energised by the heat of the sun which is at its highest light as it shines on us its brightness and spiritual light. Every year as the sun makes its journey from the depth of winter to the height of summer, which we call Summer Solstice on June 21st, the longest and brightest day most often comes with warm sunlight which is always very welcomed.

We as humans often spend our days following the workload and the distractions of life, while our ancestors were much more in alignment with the cycle of the sun and the moon and in alignment with the flow of the wheel of the year as they kept themselves deeply connected with the light and energy of father sky and mother earth. When we stay in alignment, it benefits us greatly and we are much more in flow and healthier in all levels of our lives. Somehow this way of living has gotten lost in society since industrialisation. However, if we want to be in good health to live at our highest frequency and manifest our deepest desires into physical possessions, it is for sure in our best interest to be acquainted with and in flow and alignment with the seasons.

Summer in particular is a season that is full of outdoor activities, full of light that fills us with positive energy, excitement and with opportunities to feel alive and in alignment with the light of the sun so we can spend more time outside in the longer brighter days and in more physical activities. It is a time when we can enjoy the abundance of life with friends and family and have meaningful reflections, and around the solstice our reflections will most often have a deeper, more spiritual meaning for so many as the sun will be at its most powerful. Summer is a great time to pull together ideas and harness the light of the sun to manifest a positive future while celebrating the achievements and lessons learned from the past.

If you would like to bring positive changes and overall positivity into your life this summer, I suggest you do one or all of the following:

Go out into nature and connect with the earth beneath you and the sun above you. Once grounded and connected to yourself, write an honest list of all that you are grateful for in your life, for all the goodness and all that you have accomplished that you are proud of in your life. Upon completion re-read it and sense the abundance and invite more of that abundant energy into your life for the months ahead.

Get up at least 3 mornings and watch the sunrise, connect with it and sense the newness of the new day and invite this energy into your life so you can sense the newness of opportunity in you and in your life.

Go out at sunset and watch the sun as it comes to the completion of a day, see the sky in all its expression and allow the energy of completion and accomplishment to come into your life so you feel good as you complete and let go of projects and relationships as they move on as they do.

Most importantly, find your way to enjoy the summer and play as the child within you will feel full of fun and this is indeed so needed for each of us be positive and enjoy our lives and relationships on all levels.