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How You Connect, Learn and Evolve as You Read

Since I was a child, I have always loved books and reading; I still remember so clearly my grandmother and parents reading to me and I simply loved it. Hearing every word and creating the images and the excitement in my mind as I took that journey, being led one word at a time into exciting lands and faraway places. As a child and still now as an adult, I love to get books as a gift, as well as buying many for myself. I have continued to read for both studies, as a pastime and to expand my personal awareness.

Every book has its own energy, and, in a way, we can say its own spirit that opens up when we open it up and read it. The writer transfers their energy via words as they write, and we in turn, as we read, capture from each word the knowledge, wisdom, experience, and adventure and we take it in using our senses and translate it into our consciousness so we can use it in our lives. Books are full of adventure, wisdom, knowledge and stories upon stories. Ideally, we read as we want it to enhance our lives and learn from the experience of others so we can use it for ourselves.

Knowledge is power and it simply cannot be given to us, we have to do it for ourselves, and when we do its ours and it gives us power in all areas of our life. When we read our minds open up to new mindsets and our personal awareness opens up, shifts, expands and grows.

I would like to share with you a book that is unique and I feel you may enjoy it: 1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success has the contributions from entrepreneurs with over 300 successful life-changing habits written by successful people from all over the world including myself. The book is designed for you to read and gain inspiration and motivation as it has one positive habit to read each day and if implemented it will enrich your life and business. It also has one negative habit by each author bringing to your awareness what habits you can remove before they become an issue in your life that may damage you or your business. It's a perfect book to leave on your desk or by your bed so you can pick it up first thing in the morning or when you need inspiration, and it will quickly shift you into a new state of consciousness. Click here to buy it now!

Reading is relaxing, it is a personal time for you to nurture and enrich yourself and your life and I personally invite you to explore and continue this pleasant hobby. I recommend it as it’s invaluable and you will never regret having knowledge.

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