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Learning to Live Proudly as Your True Self

When I hear the word Pride the first thought that always comes to my mind is to be so proud of oneself, and when I think of Pride Month this is always my first thought, and I am so proud of all the men and women who stand proudly in who they are as they celebrate their expression of self.

We are all so unique and so different and each one of us, while scientifically proven to have a different imprint, we also have a totally different expression, and a totally different journey in life to live and experience. No two people are the same, and while we share many similar qualities and experiences in life, we are indeed totally unique in ourselves and in our unique expression.
We are each born into the world and as we breathe our first breaths, our body awakens and the spirit and essence of who we are is given the opportunity to express itself all by itself. Due to this opportunity, we can be so many expressions of our true authentic self and there is no one way for us to be, and thankfully there is no one way that is the right way. It is our innate nature to express itself as we choose in that moment in all areas of our lives.

As we live, we are socialised to be certain ways; education, religious beliefs, family systems and cultures all influence us to be who they want us to be or to who they believe we should be. We are made to fit in and told what the acceptable and approved ways are to live, from our jobs to our homes, partners and sexual preferences. We can all too often feel suppressed, depressed and even become anxious when this happens to us as it is taking us away from who we truly are deep within our true essence and spirit. It’s disempowering, it’s exhausting and disheartening, it breaks our spirit and we become disempowered and dethroned.

Many men and women come to me when they are at their lowest moments in life and know that they have to eliminate what is not working in their lives. They come to me to find their true expression and their true path to follow, regardless of what is required or expected of them as the pain on not being true to oneself is too severe. On a personal growth journey, all areas of life are unravelled and most often it is when one finds their true self and gives oneself power and authority to express themselves authentically that they gain personal power and freedom, inner peace and honesty and the sense of knowing oneself most intimately. It is only when we look at ourselves on all levels from within that we can sense that depth of understanding of who we truly are, we can stand proud in who we truly are, and we can have the deepest sense of pleasure and satisfaction in our own skin.

In order for each of us to be at peace within ourselves, we must do our own inner work and decondition ourselves so we can truly live as our true selves with joy, peace, fulfilment, and satisfaction, and so we can live as we truly choose with the power and authority to change as one chooses in all areas of life, including sexual expression. Unless we do our own work, we are unable to experience the love of another or the ability to truly express ourselves in a relationship; instead, one hides and blames and shames their partner versus holding their own light for themselves and their partner which is required for the relationship to grow and evolve.

The more we personally grow, the better, richer and brighter our lives become and the more purified and at peace we are to live each and every day. If you are interested in evolving your life and growing the unique beautiful being you are, then it would be my privilege to guide you, simply contact me anytime at