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5 Great Gadgets You Need to Buy

Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Cap Opener, £6.49

This automatic beer bottle cap opener is a fantastic little gift for a partner who loves a cheeky beer. It makes opening beer bottles easier than ever before, and anyone who receives it will be certain to thank you for making their life that little bit easier!

ColourJets USB Dancing Fountain Speakers, £27.80

These fabulous dancing water speakers will dance to the beat of the music they are playing – it doesn’t get much cooler than that, surely! The rainbow LED display will brighten up any party, and the sound quality on these speakers is also excellent, which is what you want!

MURLIEN Massage Roller Ball, £6.99

This massage ball is fantastic to buy your partner as a way to help them destress and relax. This massage ball works on several different points of the body, from feet to back to shoulders, so it’s a great little gift to help relieve the stress of the day.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller, £60.15

If you or your partner are one of the lucky few that got their hands on a PlayStation 5, then you’ll know the importance of having the right accessories. This controller includes a built-in microphone and more, allowing you to discover a more immersive gaming experience.

Apple Watch Series 6, £509

Everyone needs a smartwatch, right? Apple's are some of the best out there, especially if you are an iPhone user, as the integration between the two is seamless. The Series 6 is fantastic, with GPS and cellular integration, as well as measuring your blood oxygen, daily activity and much more. The perfect gift!


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