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5 Essential Summer Gadgets

Portable Neck Fan, £11.04

What could be more useful in the summer heat than a portable neck fan to keep you cool on the go? This is a cheap little gadget which can save you from many sweaty days!

Beer Cooling Sticks, £7.49

Nobody likes warm beer, so surely everyone needs a beer cooling stick, especially in the middle of summer!

Reusable Fast Freeze Ice Cubes, £11.45

These nifty little gadgets allow you to refill them to freeze up ice cubes, fast. They're perfect for summer BBQs to keep everyone’s drinks cool and refreshing!

Instant Cold Ice Towel, £9.99

There are few things better than a refreshing cool flannel in summer, so how about a cooling towel to prevent you from getting all hot and bothered again straight after getting out the pool?

Outdoor XL Smoker Barbecue, £239.99

A good BBQ is a summer essential, and this one isn’t just good, it’s great! It's also reasonably priced, which always helps, right?


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