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Pride in Your Workplace

A key element in the success of many businesses is how your employees behave and operate. We all know people who treat work simply as a job, but as a business owner I am always on the look-out for employees who go beyond this. I want employees who show passion and pride in what they are doing, because this will always lead to a happier customer.

For me, it is about the culture of your workplace. Culture is the lifeblood of top performing companies. If you want to get your employees to take more pride in their work and treat it more than just a job, I would recommend creating a culture of RTR.
Let me explain this acronym in more detail.

It starts with Respect. If you can show respect to your team in terms of their contribution and their opinions, it will encourage an environment of mutual respect. Staff do not want to just be a number; they want more than just money for their time. In an environment of mutual respect, you find better team cohesion and a better chance of higher levels of performance. Team members care about each other, they support each other, and they ultimately work for each other.

Once you have respect, you should next work on Trust. Old fashioned rituals where managers were ‘bean counters’ with clipboards measuring attendance and output should be replaced with delegated responsibility where employees are able to take responsibility for how they deliver their work. If your team want to be measured on their results and not their method, give them the chance to show you.

Thirdly, Recognise your team’s contribution to the overall performance of the company. Sometimes I see staff being called out for poor performance, but not acknowledged for good performance. Remember to give credit for good performance and also celebrate the individual achievements of your team.

As a business owner, I want more sales and more profit. I am reliant on my staff to help me continue to grow both of these; I cannot do it on my own. I am huge fan of creating an RTR culture, where my team can perform well and succeed together. I believe all business owners should try this approach in order to have a successful business!

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