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Meet the WinTrade Global Summit Winners

Lies Vermant – Women Innovations Award

Level21 creates educational board games and wants to make all learning more fun through games. Lies has created 7 board games to use at school and at home for children 5-15 years old and some expansions for (young) adults providing training and tools for teachers, youth-workers and volunteers to adopt this gamified learning and implement it in their work. Learning should be fun and we're glad to help!

NATWEST – Corporate Women’s Network

An employer-led network with a vision of being a gender-neutral place where everyone can achieve their potential, NATWEST aims to attract, retain and develop female colleagues. This is achieved through various initiatives to support development and growth.

Tinne Cools – Woman Trailblazer

For 24 years Tinne has been advising individuals and companies in investments, private finance, insurances. Their speciality is measure-made banking, financial and insurance products listening to what they want and then use banks and insurance companies to create the right products. As we are independent brokers, we can use all of them. She is also a lecturer at Syntra, a professional business school for entrepreneurs.

Vicki Lau – Woman in Tech

Vicki is a Visual Effects (VFX) and Virtual Reality (VR) specialist in the Hollywood film industry landing her first break working on AMC's hit series, The Walking Dead, as well as other movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy, and Aquaman. Vicki’s goal is to democratize the knowledge and insights learned from within Hollywood, teaching students from other countries VFX skills & career tips that were previously inaccessible or unavailable to people outside of the United States

Amira El-Deeb – Woman in Public Sector

Amira is the instructional designer of the school's educational programs. She created many programs that attract many learners every year. in 2008 she introduced social media as a marketing tool at the university at large, helping to reach many unserved segments which resulted in having diversified social media platforms at the university. She trains around 120 trainers every year on the new techniques and introduced the online tools in teaching the school's programs and Pharma Day event.

Mona Hayat – Woman in Public Sector

Mona is the CEO and Founder of Nexus Digital Technology and a Clinical Fellow with a background in mental health. She also has an extensive experience in leading large multi-million transformational programmes of change across the UK healthcare industry. She left the role as executive healthcare lead for the Grenfell Tower disaster remediation for NHS West London. This provides a digital blockchain platform established on building sustainable health communities where patients are empowered to choose which health and wellbeing services they use.

Valerie Thys – Woman in Media (EU)

Valerie is an experienced corporate business presenter, host & native trilingual interviewer. The past 17 years I have built a broad and extensive experience in the entertainment industry. A trained weather forecaster and sustainability she considers herself to be a sustainability evangelist. Helping clients and organizations to communicate clear and strong about their efforts to be more sustainable and looking for future opportunities is her mission.

Zainab Abudulaziz Abdulrazzaq – Woman in Media (Kuwait)

Zainab is a trailblazer in her field. Her career started with Marie Claire magazine Middle East where she was promoted to Editor & Chief. With the downfall of print media, Zainab with her forward-thinking she founded her own media online fashion & luxury lifestyle publication. She continues to show full support and empowerment for women across the Arab world promoting and featuring all their different successes in their various fields.

Rawan AlKandari – Woman in PR and Marketing

Comma is a creative copywriting agency that aims to empower local and regional brands through the power of words. They combine their knowledge of linguistics and phonology with creative writing to create content that not only sells but speaks to its audience. They have worked with brands in the Middle East in different industries to create campaigns, social media content, business profiles, and even website content that is both meaningful and powerful.

Carina Gommers – Woman in Law

Carina has been consistently highly ranked in the most renowned legal directories. Apart from her work as a lawyer, she is also a member of several editorial boards, among which is Oxford University Press' Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice. She has written several articles relating to intellectual property rights and regularly asked as a speaker at international conferences in addition to teaching classes at the University of Leuven and the University of Brussels.

Nuria Muno – Woman in Fashion and Design

The interior design industry deals with either the designing and execution of designs into complete indoor spaces or the manufacture of products used by designers. The two main industry segments are residential and commercial. The activities are improving the look, usage, and safety of interior spaces; assess and meet the needs of the occupants; enhance all aspects of the space, including colour, lighting, textures, furniture, and spatial relationships; trade all type of articles in this sector.

Ragne Sinikas – Woman in Business Network

World Women’s Conference & Awards is the foremost international gathering of women leaders designed to discuss and share experiences, strategies and opportunities with and for women in areas of health, leadership, finance and personal development. This is the first summit of its kind anywhere in the world, led by power women around the world, for all women across the world. We aim to bring together women service providers, professionals, NGOs, educators, business leaders, entrepreneurs across the world.

Narisa Chauvidul-Aw – Woman in Banking

KogoPay is an AI Driven instant mobile payment for individuals and small businesses to make local payments and international transfers faster, cheaper and smarter. Our vision is to create an ethical and inclusive cashless ecosystem that facilitates payment and simple money management for everyone. AI and data analytics can also be invaluable in helping governments understand the homeless problem and find different ways to offer support.

Herma Kluin-Hessing – WinTrade Woman Award (Special)

Based in the Netherlands, Herma makes a predominantly male profession seem attainable for girls as a private investigator. She has a tenacious attitude and fights injustice against children, especially missing children. As a colleague entrepreneur she also finds time to connect other female entrepreneurs with network organisations and other entrepreneurs. In short Herma is prepared to help and benefit society in every way she can!

Maria Santiago-Valentin - WinTrade Supporting SDG Awards

Maria is a classroom inclusion, environmental justice advocate and a seasoned educator. She is a Learning Disabilities Consultant, Mindfulness Teacher, and Behaviour Analysis Technician. Maria appears as ABA Therapist in the BA-eService Directory of the Université de Lille III of Nantes, France. Maria was Honourable Speaker in July 2018 at the Mental Health Congress in Paris, France with her published paper An Overview of the Neurological Base of Bipolar Disorder.

Sh. Nabila Salman Al Sabah – WinTrade Woman Award

Her unwavering dedication towards empowering girls at a young age to show them the path towards becoming future decision makers and creating a difference in the region and the world has shown her dedication towards women empowerment. Sh. Nabila has also taken a job as administrative director of the Martyr Asrar Al Qabandi school. Where she further shows her love for helping nurture a well-rounded future generation that will help in making a difference regionally and globally.

Ayesha Aslam – Minorities Matter

Sakoon began with just Ayesha and to date it has grown to a team of 10 therapists, 3 course tutors and volunteers. She has a strong passion to support others not just through therapy but also delivers a number of talks to psycho-educate others on mental health, and not afraid to discuss and challenge taboo issues. Ayesha has also set up emotional support services in many organisations at grassroot level and she has also guided mainstream professionals how to effectively work with Muslim clients.  

Somaya El Shafei – International Business Award (Egypt)

Expand works in public awareness, we mainly link the public sector with all resources given by healthcare providers, educational institutes and companies who respect the public right to be educated. We reach people through all possible channels to deliver the best education possible to live long, prosperous & healthy life.

Vanessa Fernandes, NAYA London Ltd – International Business Award

NAYA London Ltd. is a Hair Cosmetics Distributor with a difference, investing heavily in the Marketing and Branding of the brands they represent. Supporting several UK brands, they use beauty as a tool to empower women by hosting regular Networking Breakfast for women in business helping them become more relevant, sustainable and reputable in the industry.

Pauline Henry LLB Law, LLM – Heritage 

C.E.O and founder of Diamond In Venus in 2012, which is an independently run music label set up to exploit her own creations and to create a platform for other musicians and creators through collaborations. After a successful career as a singer, songwriter, performer in 1996, Pauline decided on a change of career and went on to study law and completed her Masters in Intellectual Property law with a focus on Music Copyright.

Zalina Wälchli - Health and Wellness

Zalina is the Founder & CEO of Zalina Swiss Organic, 360HealthQuotient, Switzerland`s leading online B2C for Swiss Organic skincare integrating holistic beauty, health wealth and well-being. A thriving Indie Beauty Entrepreneur, Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach, Organic Formulator & Skin Care Brand, Fitness Instructor, a Wealth Advisor, Trinidadian born, Zalina continues to tap into innovative ways to self-empower and created an intelligent full circle of life formula to help women globally to improve their lives.

Simone De Gale – Excellence 

Winner ‘Architect of Year’ 2017, SRA’s services range from Architecture to Interior Design, Master planning and Innovation, as well as Project Management services, within Central London and Internationally. SGA is developing its international portfolio, the first project, a £200m masterplan in Tbilisi, Georgia. As well as securing a largescale masterplan project, the company has secured other international projects; in Croatia, the Caribbean, and USA, and developing opportunities in Ukraine and Hong Kong.

Niclas Holmberg, Nasdaq – Because She Matters

Niclas has for a long time worked to support female entrepreneurs both privately and in its role as head of companies listed on Nasdaq Sweden. Examples are Impulse4women, 17FemaleFoundersNetwork, Norrsken Foundation, Swedish-American Executive Women Conference. Niclas has also used the Nasdaq Billboard on Time Square to highlight female persons and organisations that promote female entrepreneurs.