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Motivational books for the New Year

As the New Year creeps closer, and the end of 2020 is finally in sight, we are probably all in need of a little bit of motivation. In this article, I will share some uplifting and motivational books that everyone should be adding to their reading lists in the New Year to help them tackle any challenges that may come their way. The books on this list are written by inspirational people, and we hope that they will help to inspire you to achieve all your goals in 2021.

A Promised Land, Barack Obama

£35, Amazon

Next on the list has to be the most recent book by Michelle’s ex-president husband, Barack Obama. This is a story of transformation, from a regular citizen to the leader of the free world. He tells the story of his time in the White House, and just like Michelle’s book, A Promised Land has the ability to makes its readers feel inspired to chase their dreams and to never give up, because you can do anything. What a great message to start off a new year with!

Be Your Own Miracle, Susy Shikoda

£4.72, Amazon

Our very own cover star is our next feature on the list! Susy’s story of overcoming cancer is immensely inspiring for anyone who is suffering their own battles, health-related or otherwise. Be Your Own Miracle will lead you to reflect on your own life, and will inspire you to make significant life changes. Follow it up with her new book which is out soon, The Essential 7 Senses: How To Use Your Mind To Live, Laugh And Love.

The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose, Oprah Winfrey

£18.99, Amazon

Another cover star for the next entry on our list! Oprah is one of the most inspirational people to grace the planet, and her book is in keeping with that position. The book is meant as a guide for activating your deepest vision of yourself, and will help you find happiness on your path to self-discovery. If you feel you need some guidance as we enter this new year, then this is the perfect book for you.

Make Change, Shaun King

£20, Amazon

Shaun King is an activist and journalist, and is one of the figureheads of the Black Lives Matter movement. His book, Make Change, reflects on his life in activism and guides the reader through how they can join the fight. If you want to take the new year to become more invested in social justice matters and become motivated to make change in the world, then definitely purchase this incredible book.

A Life On Our Planet: My Witness Statement and A Vision For The Future, David Attenborough

£20, Amazon

There are few people more inspiring than David Attenborough. His new release is a reflection on the life he has led on this planet, and what he envisages for the future. He urges readers to act now in order to save the planet, and this is one of the most important books available to us in this age of climate change. If you needed something to motivate you to make more conscious choices, then pick up this book and start reading.