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5 Must-Reads this Summer

Malibu Rising, Taylor Jenkins Reid, £14.99

The story of an unforgettable night in the life of a family. A night where they all have to make a choice on what they will keep and what they will leave behind.

The Lido, Libby Page, £8.99

The story of two women and how the lido represents more than just a place to swim, rather it is the heart of the community. Feel-good and uplifting.

The Holiday, T.M. Logan, £7.99

What was supposed to be the perfect holiday brings with it trouble in paradise. Someone is prepared to kill to keep their secret hidden. A gripping story.

Blood Orange, Harriet Tyce, £8.99

A tasty, compelling thriller which is riddled with secrets and people who want to expose them. Utterly gripping.

City of Girls, Elizabeth Gilbert, £8.99

1940s New York and all of its glitz and glamour, enclosed in the pages of a beautiful book. It's about daring to break conventions and follow your desires, and it is incredible.