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Alp Cirakli

Alp Cirakli

Influencer of the Month

Name: Alp Cirakli

Age: 23

Birth country: Cyprus

Country that you live in: UK

City: London

Influencer subject: Luxury Lifestyle

Tell us your transition from blog to Instagram. Why did you stop the blog to focus on Instagram?

I started my blog at the age of 14. Despite being one of the first influencers from Cyprus, with the great expertise of the website designing team I was working with and my editorial team, it only took us 6 months to grow rapidly which led us to start putting Instagram first after it became one of the most popular platforms over the past few years.

What’s your niche, and why?

alpcirakli’s niche and motto has always been to create a feed that has a real connection with my audience. We always aimed to reflect the lifestyle of a successful young blogger from a little Mediterranean island who carried his brand through top UK platforms at such a young age. Empowering others and creating organic real content has always been our motto over the years.
Is it time consuming to be an Instagram influencer?

It has its own ups and downs, and it can be draining sometimes to keep uploading constant content but it’s worth it. There’s a price for everything and this is the price we paid over the years to always stay on top of all the UK platfroms.

Tell us about your day to day. What do you do? How do you fill it up?

Outfit and location planning takes most of my day but luckily, I’m working with an amazing editorial and designer team that helps me with these matters.

I also have very exciting news that I’d like to share, I’ve been taking online classes from the University of Harvard for more than a year now and I’m thrilled to announce that I successfully completed a Technology Entrepreneurship Course a short while ago. It’s a huge honour to be officially certified as a Technology Entrepreneur by the University of Harvard.

Different from many Instagram influencers, you don’t do topless or half naked photos - is this a personal choice? What do you think of people who use their bodies to get likes and followers?

When I started my brand “alpcirakli” I always aimed to create content which represented what people wanted to see the most. I’m not going to lie; shirtless pictures have been highly requested from our lovely audience. I've been asked so many times why there are not too many topless pics like there are on other influencers’ accounts, however the answer is short, I only produce content that will make it to the top. We always aim to avoid “posting for sake of it”. It should explain why, even though I only have few half naked and shirtless pics, they all made it to the top posts all around the UK.

Are you living in Cyprus or elsewhere in the world?

I’m currently based in London, this city opened so many doors for me. I have met so many great people and connected with amazing brands over the years.

We see you in photos with glasses and some without. Do you like seeing yourself in glasses? Why?

An honest answer would be the amount of likes and interaction those pictures get compared to other posts.

What is the best thing anyone has ever told you?

It was a short while after I launched my own merch and the whole line had sold out in less than 12 hours. I attended London Fashion Week the week after and one of the designers recognised me because of the news on social media about my merch. He told me “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the online article about your merch. Sold out in 12 hours, huge success at a young age (21)”. It made my day to hear these words from such a huge designer in the industry!

What would be the most exciting place to have sex? Why?

On Instagram Live shall we say? Haha, that’s my expertise after all haha. We would hit million followers in a finger click (laughing)!

Favourite food: Greek Food

Favourite drink: Jack Daniels

Favourite trainer brand: Balenciaga

Favourite clothing brand: Dior

Favourite perfume: YSL

Favourite song: Lana Del Rey - Racing Cars

Favourite female singer: Lana Del Rey

Favourite male singer: The Weekend

Favourite city: Milan

Favourite country: Italy

Favourite type of transport: Train